Embedding a PDF on RealGeeks website

How to embed a PDF on RealGeeks website

First you need to go to upload the PDF you want to embed by going into the admin panel choose file browser and upload the new PDF.

uploading pdf file on filebrowser

The embed code

that is the embed code you need to insert on the desired page but first you need to get the URL of the PDF file

<!-- change YOUR_PDF_URL to the URL of your PDF file  -->
<iframe width="725" height="900" src="YOUR_PDF_URL" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Getting your uploaded PDF url

after uploading your pdf click on it on the file browser and copy the url of the PDF file

clicking pdf file on filebrowser

Adding code to the desired page

go to the page where you want to add the code at the admin panel and click on <> to open the backend editor and paste the code.

embedding pdf file code on desired page

Changing Size of the PDF frame

You could be changing the height and width of the embed PDF frame. in the example above width is set to 725 and height is set to 900, you could change those values to better fit the PDF file in your website and page.

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